Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween at Heritage

Every year at my work they have a Halloween Carnival. They decorate the entire place really awesome and have all sorts of games, dinner, and trick or treating. We go every year since half the family works there. Land loves being with Hyrum and Lucy. It's so good for them to make fun memories like this together...

 Skylee Bug and Scooby Doo aka Landon.
 Sky and Lucy, cutest little girls ever, right?
 Hy and Sky
 The group of hooligans
 Yes, we got a new member of the family. Meet Goldie.
 Sky was content just chewing on a tootsie and people watching.
 Brian Wilson, aka Hyrum, with his new gold fish.
Lucy striking a pose for me. These kids are so cute and fun. It's fun to watch them be so excited about Halloween. Oh, to be a kid again...