Saturday, October 15, 2011


This year some friends of mine and I decided to take a trip to Gardner Village. It was decorated cute with all sorts of Halloween decor. I LOVED it! I love Haloween more that Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. I could have bought everything there! Unfortunatly, I'm not rich... Both of my friends have babes that were born within a month of Sky. Here's a pic of all of us...

 Here's the cute babes, Max, Paisley & Skylee! They were so stinkin cute! Landon was such a trooper to come and hang out with me and was so patient while we snapped pics in every cool spot there. (There were alot!) He was excited about all the cool Haloween stuff too. There were witches everywhere!
 I took a ton of awesome, cute pics of my kids and of the babes but... towards the end, my iPhone decided to crash! I lost all of my pics and everything on my phone! So, Thanks Lacie for letting me steal some pics off your blog!
Pretty sad that I am completely lost without my phone! Everything was on it! I took it to the Verizon store and they just ordered me a new one. It will take 5 days to get here!! My dad let me borrow a phone so I wouldn't completely loose all contact! I came home the other night and tried to turn my iPhone on again, and it turned on! I was so excited! So, instead of saving all my pic and other info like I should have, I tried to reactivate it. Then there was no sound! :( So as I was switching it back, I accidently switched Brett's number to the phone my dad let me borrow! Brett was at work so he didn't even know what I had done! I felt so bad! The verizon people said they couldn't help me because my name wasn't on the account! I was bad! He is smart and figured it out though! Anyway, I AM LOST WITHOUT MY IPHONE!!