Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yes, its been a while! A lot has happened since I last blogged. Mainly the new addition to our family. It was quite the adventure getting her here however. The second week in February my OB put me on bed rest. Since the babe wasn't due until the 25th of March, I thought it was the end of the world! It is not that easy for me to just hang out and not be able to work. I was having high blood pressures and protein in my urine and swelling (all signs of preeclampsia which I had with Landon also). So for the whole month of February and into March I had a doctors appt. once a week, had the baby monitored twice a week in Labor and Delivery, plus nasty labs every time it got worse. I'm sure the ladies in Labor and Delivery were sick of me! Although they were all very wonderful and sweet every time we went in. First, my doc said he thought we'd be having a Feb baby, then every week when we went in it was, "lets try and make it one more week". I completely understand his reasoning and am thankful for his expertise. But I was ready to have this babe! On a side note all the bed rest gave me great study time and I FINALLY took my RN nclex and....PASSED! (no wonder my BP was high).

We finally made it to 38 weeks and scheduled a C-Section. I had to have a C-section because I have funny shaped hips, and can't fit a baby through them. I was so happy to have a date that she'd be here! March 14, we went in at 6 am and our sweet little girl, Skylee Marie Fraser was here at 7:51 am. She weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 17.5 inches long. She is the prettiest baby girl I've ever seen! (not biased or anything)
Here is me and my HUGE baby belly right before we went back to the OR. Every one was guessing she'd be at least 8lbs lol!
Skylee Marie Fraser, 6lbs 12oz, 17.5 inch long, March 14, 2011
 The first time I got to see my baby girl!
 Proud big brother Landon, he told my sister that this day was better than Christmas! He was really excited.
 She already has Brett wrapped around her little finger. He is such a wonderful daddy and husband, he was by my side the entire journey. I couldn't have made it without him!
My beautiful mom holding baby Sky.
 My fabulous daddy holding Sky.
My marvelous mother-in-law holding Sky.
My fantastic father-in-law holding Sky.
 Grandma Glenda made time to come and see us before she went to work as a Pink Lady.
And Grandpa Leroy came all the way from Spanish Fork to see his newest great-granddaughter .
 This is what my house looked like when we got home, thanks to a excited little boy and his grandma.
 Land is doing so good as a big brother. He is always willing to help, and is very protective of his little sis.
 Beautiful Skylee

Our first week home was a little rough. Sky had to be on a bili bed because of her jaundice. She had to lay the bed at all times except to eat and be changed. It was awful not being able to hold her! Then after 4 days we finally got to be done with that. I ended up in the ER with severe anemia. My hematocrit was half of what it should be, which was causing me to be really pale, weak, have palpitations, and shortness of breath. It was a real treat, glad it was only that though.

All in all we are now doing really well. Brett just went back last Saturday, and I am off till the 27. We are all really glad Sky is here and grateful she is part of our family. Life could not be better!