Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stadium of Fire!

Landon anxiously waiting for Stadium of Fire to start.

Landon clapping his hands while SheDaisy sang.

Land screaming for the Jonas Brothers.

Land decided the fireworks were a little loud and wanted his daddy to cover his ears.

We decided last minute to try and get tickets and go to Stadium of Fire, since Brett found out he didn't have to help cover the Lehi fireworks this year. We thought it was really fun. Landon was so excited and has a blast, until he realized how loud the fireworks were. Over all Stadium of Fire was fun. (afterward, not so much. Our car got towed!)

This is a video of Landon on our way to Stadium of Fire chanting because he was so excited!

Fourth of July Parade

The Fourth of July Parade was so fun! We found the perfect spot to sit the day before. It was right by one of best friends, Heidi, and her family. We had plenty of room so we sat with my mom and dad and Justin, as well as Bretts parents. It was a really good parade! It was especially fun see Morgan with her UVU cheer squad, Kalyn marching with her pipe band and we also got to see both of Bretts little brother marching with the AF band. It was a fun morning.

Fourth of July Weekend

Land and my awesome mom!

Justin and Kayln. They just got off of work. They are so cute!

Land and Morgy.

We started off the holiday weekend by having a BBQ with my family at my mom and dads house. It was so fun! We made our own shishkabobs. My dad is always so creative! It was a blast! No fun that he got called out to a house fire before we got to eat, and didn't get back till really late!

Happy Birthday Brett!

My sweet husband turned 28 on the 1st of July! Landon and I started out the day by making his favorite thing for him for breakfast, biscuits and gravy. Then Brett had to go take a test for the fire department, which was lame cause it took 2 and 1/2 hours! But that night we went out to dinner with my family to Brett's favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. He was a little nervous one of us would spill the beans and tell it was his birthday.(he didn't want to ride the saddle) Anyway Happy Birthday Brett! We Love You!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Landon Turns 3!

Landon had such a fun 3rd birthday! We let him choose anywhere that he wanted to go to lunch, and of course he chose McDonalds so that he could play, then he got to play with his favorite aunt, Morgan, while mom and dad finished a little shopping. Then to end the day we had a little party at the park. He had a Thomas pinata, ice cream cake, presents and all his family. It was such a good day!

California here we come!

This was Landons first plane ride. I was a little worried about how he would do and if he would be scared. But he wasn't he was such a big boy and did so great. They only problem was that he was expecting to see Mickey Mouse right when we landed.


Of course we had to stop at the Disneyland fire station so Brett could play firefighter for a minute.

The Three Amigos ready to hit Disneyland hard.

More California...

We had so much fun taking Landon to Disneyland for his first time! Landon loved almost all of it. (He was afraid of the pirates on Pirates of the Carribean). We had a blast hitting all the hot spots along the way. We went to Knottsberry Farm, Universal Studios, the beach, Sea World and we even stopped in Vegas and took Land to the Kings Tournament. (He thinks he is a knight now.) We went with Bretts whole family. They are party animals! We were exhausted by the time we got home.

Finally Graduated!

So I am finally finished with nursing school! I am so excited! I am excited to be able to be a real mom and wife again. Just wanted to say thanks to all my family for all the love and support they have given me for the past two years. I couldn't have made it with out all the help from everyone. Thanks especially to Brett, for always supporting me no matter what, he was a real trooper!

Day out with Thomas the Train

Landon next to Thomas

On memorial day we decided to take Landon to see Thomas the Train at the Heber Valley Railroad. He is a HUGE Thomas fan so it was really fun! The weather was perfect, it wasn't too crowded and Land had a blast! It was a fun little adventure!