Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First tooth lost!!

My sweet baby boy lost his first tooth! So we were at my parents house the other day and Landon came out of the bathroom and said he had a wiggley tooth. So, Brett felt it and sure enough it was pretty loose. My tough little boy then proceeded to ask my dad if he had some string to pull out his tooth. I thought the sweet little guy would just have a hole in his smile for a while but, as my dad was putting the dental floss around the tooth to pull it, we noticed the other tooth was already coming in!! HE JUST TURNED 5, for crying out loud! Isn't this a little early?? Anyway Landon put his shiny, cavity free tooth under his pillow that night and the tooth fairy brought him 2 whole dollars! Landon was pretty excited! What did he do with his 2 dollars?? Check this little guy out...
Yes, we have Captain America living in our house, protecting Skylee and I from all the bad guys when Brett is gone! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Skylee's 4 month stats:
Height: 23 3/4"-28%
Weight: 12lbs 13oz-29%
Head Circum: 15 3/4"-21%
So basically she is still my little peanut! She has started rolling over, smiling alot and laughing (esprcially at Landon) She just started eating oatmeal and carrots and loves them both! She just recently went on her first camping trip, which included a four wheeler ride, and was such a champ! Sky has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months. She is an angel!  We love her and are so happy she is part of our family!

Pics of the Kiddos

I got pics taken of the kids a while back, so I thought I'd share a few...

 Skylee Marie 3 months.

 Landon Rex 5 years old

 This one is my very favorite.

LOVE these two, LOVE being a mom!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steel Days

Steel Days was alot of fun this year! Grandma Laurie gave Landon some carnival tickets, so Thursday we headed to the carnival. Landon and Brett went on the farris wheel first, then Land went on this fun little roller coaster...

Then this fun little obstacle course,
next, the big slide,
 the jeeps, which Land loved and thought he was pretty hot stuff in, as you can tell from this pic.
then, we went on a few more rides and it started to down pour! Seriously, I didn't even have a blanket for Sky! So Skylee and I stood under this big umbrella at one of the game stands while Brett and Land went to get the car. By the time we got in the car it looked like we went through the shower with our clothes on! We were drenched! Brett and I did not think it was that amusing, but Land splished and splashed and giggled...He loved it! Sky ended up being the only one dry because Brett found her a blanket in the car!

I worked Thurs and Fri. Then on Sat morn when I got off work, Land woke up and ran the kids race! He did SO good and even got a medal! He kept telling me that he wanted to do it again! Morg also ran, but she ran the 5K. She took 3rd and got an awesome trophy!
Then off to the parade we went, where we were lucky enough to see both of Bretts little brothers and Grandpa Steve participating in! Then I went home and crashed I was so tired from working the night before. Next, after a refreshing nap, we got ready and went to Grandma Glendas annual firework party! Landon loved seeing all the cousins and playing with them! Skylee loved hanging out with Grandma Sharon, as you can tell from this pic!

Grandma Glenda with almost all of the great-grandkids!
Haley made her fabulous balloon objects, which are always a hit as you can tell by Land in this pic! I love Steel Days, just to get to see the whole fam! Good memories!

4th of July

This 4th of July we started out by heading to the parade in Provo for the Freedom Festival.
Brett and Sky enjoying the parade.

This guy was Landons favorite part! Land is obsessed with Scooby Doo right now! In fact, most days he is Scooby Doo, not Landon and all our food he makes sure has Scooby snacks in it!

Then that evening, we headed to Bretts parents house to have a little party for my sweet hubby's 30th birthday! We had a delicious steak dinner, fabulous cupcakes and then watched some pretty awesome fireworks!
Pretty Handsome right??

Brett and his BIG helper!

Colored Bubbles

So we saw a commercial on TV for these colored bubbles. Land told me that he wanted some for his Birthday, and the lucky little guy got them! Anyway, we tried them out the other day and...

 yup, don't worry they were an awful mess! Stained the kids clothes, the sidewalk, the grass, Landons shoes...
Thanks Crayola!

Brotherly, Sisterly Love

I walked into my room the other day and found the kids like this! They sure love each other and Landon is the best big brother to his little sis.

Look at those Lashes!

Can you believe this girls lashes!? I would kill for lashes like hers! Thanks to Brett for these, he passed his fab lashes on to both our cute kiddos!

Outdoor Movie

 Brett was at work and I was itching to get out of the house during Lehi Round Up week, so I decided I would take the kids to the Movie in the Park. When we got there, there were all sorts of fun activities and blow up toys. Land LOVED it! So I just let him do whatever he wanted, while I followed him with Sky sleeping in my arms. By the end of the night, both kids were asleep and it was an adventure getting us all back to the car! So glad I decided to take the kids, it was fun!

Sky's Nursery

Skylee's Nursery turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself... I always thought that when I had a girl I would do pink everything. (If anyone knows me they would know I am obsessed with pink) Anyway this room was already painted red, then I found this cute bedding and had to have it! So it's not what I expected to have, but I absolutly LOVE it and it flows with the rest of my little house!

Landon got his tonsils out!

Landon got his tonsils out in the end of May! He had what were called "kissing" tonsils, which means they were so huge that they touched in back!
Land got a really bad cough a couple days before, and I didn't think that they would go ahead with the sugery because he was coughing so hard, but they did and here he is right before surgery!

Not nervous or anything...

They let him take his "snugglers" and "Gigi" back with him to the OR.

He made it through like a champ and not long after was playing elephant with his oxygen tubing!

He did alot better then I even expected! We had a few rough days, but as long as we kept pain meds on board we did ok.

A couple weeks before surgery they had a program called Pre Op Hop. It was to get the kids used to the hospital and equipment. Landon thought it was pretty cool and even got these souvineers to take home! (he looks like a little cancer patient!) He was too cute!

Cutest kids in the world!

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself! LOVE these two!