Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How does your garden grow?

This year Brett helped me plant a little salsa garden out back. I have been wanted to plant one for a while now, so I am so excited we finally did it! It's growing so well! hopefully it will keep it up! Here are some pics of us making our garden, and how it looks now!


Happy Birthday Landon!
My baby is 4 years old! We had Landons birthday at the park with our parents, Bretts sister and her cute family and Bretts brothers. It was a pretty laid back little party but it was fun and I think Landon enjoyed himself. He really enjoyed playing on the play ground with his uncles and 2 cute cousins. My mom came a little later and gave him the cutest present. She had a cowboy outfit made for him! HE LOVES IT! My camera died before my mom came or else I would have taken pictures of it. He got a lot a great, fun presents. He is one loved boy. We were sad that my sister couldn't make it because she was working and Cam was at football camp! We also missed Justin and Kalyn! Can't wait till they move back after the summer is over! They sent him an awesome coloring book with all sorts of cool forest animals in it. Land loves to tell me about all the animals in the book. They also sent him a cool flashlight from the forest service! It was a fun llittle party! During the day before the party, I had class so Brett took Landon to see Toy Story 3 in IMAX, Land loved it! It was a great day! I can't beleive Landon is 4 already though! Sure love you Landon!!

The Pony Express

It was the Anniversary of the Pony Express and they ride across the US on horse back to commemorate it. They stopped in Lehi this year, so we thought it would be fun to go and watch. We were only there a few minutes. The rider came in, they put the mail bag on a fresh horse with a new rider and then off they went. It was still cool to watch though.

Bretts Black Eye

So I got a call from Brett the other morning, as Landon and I were getting ready for church he told me that he had been hit in the eye and was headed to the emergency room. I was half delirious from workin the night before and told him to stop kidding around. He told me he was serious. So of course being the paranoid wife that I am, I called my dad and asked him if he could take Landon and headed over to meet Brett at the ER. When I got there his partner was with him and they were just about to numb him up for stitches. He ended up getting 7 stitches above his eye and a nasty black eye. So how did this happen? Ha ha ha, Brett would like me to say that he was saving a child from a huge house fire and he was the hero of the day but....He was replacing oxygen tanks and grabbed one to lift it by the safety cap on top and, POP it came off and hit him square in the eye. He wanted to just go back to work after the ER, but Captain Rob sent him home because his SCBA wouldn't fit due to his eye being so swollen. He was mad! He'll probably be mad that I posted this, but I want to remember it! Love you Brett!

Summer Fun

I LOVE summer! It's so fun to be able to let Landon play in the backyard. He got this fun beach ball that hooks up to the hose for his bithday last year and has been so excited to get it out again now that it's finally warm!

Day Out With Thomas 2010

We took Landon to the Heber Valley Railroad agian this year to see and ride on Thomas the Train. It's always a fun little adventure and it's the last time that Thomas is visiting Utah for a few years, so we thought we'd better take advantage of it. It was a fun trip, and it's always exciting to see Landon enjoy himself. We didn't tell Landon where we were going. We just loaded up and went and suprised him! It was fun.