Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steel Days

Steel Days was alot of fun this year! Grandma Laurie gave Landon some carnival tickets, so Thursday we headed to the carnival. Landon and Brett went on the farris wheel first, then Land went on this fun little roller coaster...

Then this fun little obstacle course,
next, the big slide,
 the jeeps, which Land loved and thought he was pretty hot stuff in, as you can tell from this pic.
then, we went on a few more rides and it started to down pour! Seriously, I didn't even have a blanket for Sky! So Skylee and I stood under this big umbrella at one of the game stands while Brett and Land went to get the car. By the time we got in the car it looked like we went through the shower with our clothes on! We were drenched! Brett and I did not think it was that amusing, but Land splished and splashed and giggled...He loved it! Sky ended up being the only one dry because Brett found her a blanket in the car!

I worked Thurs and Fri. Then on Sat morn when I got off work, Land woke up and ran the kids race! He did SO good and even got a medal! He kept telling me that he wanted to do it again! Morg also ran, but she ran the 5K. She took 3rd and got an awesome trophy!
Then off to the parade we went, where we were lucky enough to see both of Bretts little brothers and Grandpa Steve participating in! Then I went home and crashed I was so tired from working the night before. Next, after a refreshing nap, we got ready and went to Grandma Glendas annual firework party! Landon loved seeing all the cousins and playing with them! Skylee loved hanging out with Grandma Sharon, as you can tell from this pic!

Grandma Glenda with almost all of the great-grandkids!
Haley made her fabulous balloon objects, which are always a hit as you can tell by Land in this pic! I love Steel Days, just to get to see the whole fam! Good memories!