Thursday, July 14, 2011

Landon got his tonsils out!

Landon got his tonsils out in the end of May! He had what were called "kissing" tonsils, which means they were so huge that they touched in back!
Land got a really bad cough a couple days before, and I didn't think that they would go ahead with the sugery because he was coughing so hard, but they did and here he is right before surgery!

Not nervous or anything...

They let him take his "snugglers" and "Gigi" back with him to the OR.

He made it through like a champ and not long after was playing elephant with his oxygen tubing!

He did alot better then I even expected! We had a few rough days, but as long as we kept pain meds on board we did ok.

A couple weeks before surgery they had a program called Pre Op Hop. It was to get the kids used to the hospital and equipment. Landon thought it was pretty cool and even got these souvineers to take home! (he looks like a little cancer patient!) He was too cute!