Monday, July 5, 2010

Camping with the fam at Big Horn Ranch

My Handsome Boys
Landon Loves "Bam Bam"
They had this cool frog pond we went and caught frogs in. It was SO fun!
We had the opportunity to go camping with my parents on their property at Big Horn Ranch. It was a BLAST! I love going camping. When we got there we rode the 4 wheeler down to my parents spot, that they are still working on getting ready for camping and parking their trailer there. It's a really cool spot! I can't wait till it's finished. My parents have already put so much time and hard work into it. You should see some of the other camp spots that people have there, they are AMAZING! Then we fixed some yummy tinfoil dinners. Next my cute hubby and I took a little 4 wheeler ride. Then we went to bed in my parents fabulous new trailer or as Landon calls it, "mamma's new house". We woke up had a fabulous breakfast and rode the 4 wheelers down to the frog pond. There were SO many frogs, it was unbelievable. It was really fun catching them. We caught about 15 and my parents let them go in their pond out back. It was such a fun camping trip and a much needed mini break. Thanks Mom and Dad for having us!