Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Happy Birthday Landon!
My baby is 4 years old! We had Landons birthday at the park with our parents, Bretts sister and her cute family and Bretts brothers. It was a pretty laid back little party but it was fun and I think Landon enjoyed himself. He really enjoyed playing on the play ground with his uncles and 2 cute cousins. My mom came a little later and gave him the cutest present. She had a cowboy outfit made for him! HE LOVES IT! My camera died before my mom came or else I would have taken pictures of it. He got a lot a great, fun presents. He is one loved boy. We were sad that my sister couldn't make it because she was working and Cam was at football camp! We also missed Justin and Kalyn! Can't wait till they move back after the summer is over! They sent him an awesome coloring book with all sorts of cool forest animals in it. Land loves to tell me about all the animals in the book. They also sent him a cool flashlight from the forest service! It was a fun llittle party! During the day before the party, I had class so Brett took Landon to see Toy Story 3 in IMAX, Land loved it! It was a great day! I can't beleive Landon is 4 already though! Sure love you Landon!!


Christina said...

You have such a cute little boy Candice!! He is adorable! It looks like he had a really fun birthday!