Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Tabernacle Choir and Little America

The temple was absolutly gorgeous that morning!
Our cute Fraser Family!

Bretts mom, dad and brothers posing with the kiddos.

The Garrett Clan posing for the camera.

My handsome boys!

Two peas in a pod smiling ear to ear when they saw Santa.

The cutest kids on earth pausing to strike a pose.

Landon and Hy being absolute ANGELS in the quiet room.

Landon ready to go in his Sunday best!

Every year all of Bretts side of the family go to hear the Tabernacle Choir and then to brunch at Little America on the Sunday before Chirstmas. It was fun this year. Brett and I sat with Landon, Lucy and Hyrum in the "quiet room" and let Justin and Lisa enjoy the choir for real. All the kids were so good! Land and Hy were leading the choir the whole time, meanwhile Lucy was passing out treats to them. Kept everyone happy! I have to say we had the cutest kids there! After that we did the annual stuffing oursleves till we wanted to barf at Little America. The kids even got to see Santa! All in all, it was worth getting dressed up for.