Sunday, March 30, 2008

Being Greatful for the Crazy Busy Life.

Lately I feel like I barily have time to breath. Between school, work, being mommy and wife, I'm a little overwhelmed. I am just barily figuring out how to use "the blog". Thanks to working a night shift. I really kind of feel bad that I have to look at everyone's blogs in order to know what is going on in my family. I see Grandma Glenda more at work than I do anywhere else. Pretty Pathetic. My poor husband and I only get to sleep next to each other and that's all the time we spend with each other. I sometimes feel like Landon forgets that I'm his mommy and not his Grandmas. All I really want to do is be a mommy and be able to take Land to the park whenever I feel like it,and to be able to play outside all day with him, and to be able to go on as many wagon rides as he wants.
I get so caught up in all that I think I have going on, that I forget to stop and be greatful for the wonderful things that I do have going on in my life.
One of my good friends that I go to school with has 3 children, all of which have health problems, just got a new home because his old one was demolished because of black mold.
I am so greatful for the home that I live in and a family who are all in good health. I cannot imagine adding a sick family onto the platter. My family is wonderfully supportive of all that I am doing. I really am greatful for that. I have to remember, "This is only temporary."